Sunday, 26 April 2009


Home alone

This afternoon, I am all alone at home.

Parents went out for meetings and sisters went out with their friends and love ones. It's sad that I haven't been out for a week in this short holidays. Not even times for shopping or even for a dinner with my friends or love one but only on Friday I went out the most with Aldrich's siblings.
Nobody asked.
Just my kero asked but I couldn't make it this 1 May

Well, been thinking lots these days.
Thinking about how did I do in my exams and how is everything going on. Been thinking about my weight too.

I am 65kg but I don't really look like 65kg.
People who are 65kg are... (not to mention) but I saw it through the magazine, it's really different from my physical view of size. Due to my bones, muscles and my height makes my weight gone high. Huh...

What a sad story.
With all my meals and my daily routine exercise,
I found out that my weight suppose to be 45kg to 55kg.
So, what can I say?
I have to work harder.

Anyway, this is my lunch for today.
Since dad bought breads this morning and I found out there are some bananas on the microwave. I took it and make something different just to try it on.

I make a toast and spread on peanut butter then cut the banana into pieces. I know it's a little bit gross because not everyone done this before either to I.

Since you are home alone, why don't try on something new, right?

Picture Below: Peanut Butter Banana Toast
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