Sunday, 4 January 2009


Tenom Station

Meatball brought me to here just now.
It’s a restaurant in the 2nd floor, outside area of City mall.
Kinda hard to find this restaurant because… (I don’t know) but it is at the side of Cube.

Let me briefly talk about what is Tenom.
Others in West Malaysia may not know what Tenom is. Let me tell you as I google search it.
First Version:
Tenom is a town located in Interior Division of Sabah, east Malaysia on the island of Borneo. The town was formerly called Fort Birch in the colonial period. Its population was estimated to be around 46,200 in the year 2000.
The principal ethnic groups are Murut (60%), followed by Chinese (20%), Malay (10%), and Kadazan-Dusun (8%). The area is primarily an agricultural zone, with soy beans, maize, vegetables and cacao the major crops. Tenom is one of Sabah's more scenic interior locations, with the Crocker Range towering impressively immediately behind town. It is also known as the "gateway to Murut country". The annual festival of the Murut community known as Pesta Kalimaran is held in Tenom.

In the center of Tenom is a statue to Ontoros Antonom (1885-1915), who led the Rundum Revolt of the Murut people against the British colonists in the Rundum District of Tenom in 1915.

The Sabah Agricultural Park (Lagud Sebrang Agriculture Research Station), the Tenom Orchid Centre and the Murut Cultural Center are located outside of town.
Tenom is the final stop for passengers on the
North Borneo Railway.
Another version is:
Tenom is a small town in the interior district of Sabah and it is also the center of the Murut, a group of hill tribe ( Murut means “ Men of the Hills”) who have lived in this region for times immemorial.
Although many young people of the tribe have adopted the fast pace of a modern civilization creeping inland from the capital, some of them still prefer the life in the jungle, hunting with a dog, a parang (machete) and maybe even their traditional blowpipe. Other has turned to cultivating the countryside growing a variety of crops, from rice over tobacco to coffee.
--------------------END of Tenom stories----------------------
So here's the pictures of FOOD!!!!!!
Picture Below: Nasi Lemak aka Fat Rice LOL

Picture Below: Noodle (Forgotten... mum's dish)

Picture Below: Fish cake rice

Picture Below: Nissin Noodles?

Picture Below: Pancake with Strawberry and butter fillings

Overall foods was so so. The delicious one is the pancake haha!

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