Sunday, 25 January 2009


Chinese New Year Eve

Every people in every country who celebrate Chinese New Year have been very busy for the whole day cleaning every house.
Make sure it is spotless and more spotless than before!

So, here I will show the pictures of what I had for dinner.
Let the pictures do the talking.

Sorry I have been neglecting my blog because I still have a little bit of headache. It’s migraine actually. But I still love you all! Haha!
Picture Below: Jelly FishPicture Below: Steam FishPicture Below: DuckPicture Below: VegetablesPicture Below: Prawn or ShrimpPicture Below: Shark Fin SoupPicture Below: Chicken (Chinese ppl's Main course)
Dedicate to all my dears
Jackson in London
Avy in UK
Erin in KL
Chia Pin in KL
Caren in KK
All Saints Students
TarCollege DQS students (D-rex the most)
Teachers and Lecturers of mine
IntiCollege students
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