Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Two dishes of Secret Recipe

Yummy time again!

Well well... what we have for today?!
Jenette and I explore again in Secret Recipe. Better don't say it loud... Shhhhh.. It's secret recipe!

Picture Below: Dory Fish with Lobster Sauce

Picture Below: Spicy Chicken Cornish

Recall back to 2008 of the posts in my blog, I ever talked about Chicken Cornish I guess. Am I correct? Well, this time I ordered for the Spicy Chicken Cornish. It is hot and spicy! They baked it again and served it. Good service huh?

Jenette ordered for the Dory Fish with Lobster sauce.
She let me taste it and I taste sour in the lobster sauce which means good la! She is good in ordering tasty foods. >.<

I think I will mainly talk on Jenette’s.
OMG… did you see the white cauliflowers? It is huge and beautiful. Guess what Jenette said to me?

“I 不舍得 eat it because it is beautiful”

Overall, two thumbs up for me! What’s yours?

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