Friday, 30 January 2009


Have a date with my baby

Picture Below: Aldrich and Chloe
First of all, Happy Chinese New Year still to everyone!
Nothing special but we are under a mission to One Borneo.
Baby and I need to find the frame for my puzzle that Anggu bought for me as my birthday present last year.

When I reach One Borneo, we took few pictures of us and we took the Chinese New Year decorations in the Shopping Mall. I could say “There’s a huge token there at the Centre Atrium!”. There have this performance that day and I took a video of it. Have a look! They are from China!
Picture Below: Right side viewPicture Below: Center ViewPicture Below: Left side view
After that, we went to the Jigsaw shop and I found out that the frame is too expensive for me. It cost RM60 and Aldrich says it’s kind of cheap looking. So, we decided not to buy. We are trying to get the almost-same-quality of frame in the other shop which I am still searching it. No worries Chloe! You will find it for sure! Haha!

Anyway, we head for movies. The Bride Wars which I cried in the end of the movie because I didn’t knew that is the end of story. It was a nice movie and it is include the Vera Wang’s designed gown. Oh I know Jenette love it! But I prefer the gown and worn by Anna Hathaway because it is not that puffy for my body shapes.

Wondering why these days there are lots of movies which related to marriage?

Before our movies, we had our dinner in New York New York.
Remember: New York New York is located in One Borneo!
At first, I thought it was really really an expensive restaurant which we can’t afford but as we first look at the menu, we were shocked.

Picture Below: The Front Page of Menu
Picture Below: Main Dishes?Picture Below: Pizza Menu!Picture Below: Mad About Pasta?Picture Below: My favourites are drinks!Picture Below: Desserts are my favourites too!Picture Below: Breakfast MenuPicture Below: We shared one drink - Root BeerPicture Below: Teriyaki ChickenPicture Below: Another View of it...Picture Below: Last view of it.Picture Below: Pepperoni PizzaPicture Below: Are you Hungry?Picture Below: Love this picture! .
The price isn’t that you think that expensive right?
So do we.
I think SabahKing and June June can go there often! Haha!
Picture Below: Us again! AldriChloe
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