Saturday, 3 January 2009


Bedtime stories

Let me introduce some one I just knew today!
Bugsy the Guinea Pig!

This is the movie Bedtime Stories.

Actually the movie is talking about the stories that created by this guy and the kids in the movies will be happen in real life! So this guy Adam only wants the best in his life and keep think of the ways to make the kids make some stories but in the end, the kids just love to make a bad ending which of course will happen in real life.

Nice movie and the Guinea pig appearance really make me laugh from the start. His eyes are big! Yes... Adam say 'big as the cow's eyes' or 'bigger than the cow's eyes' I don't remember. Lol.

Wow... The millionaire's daughter very beautiful and the mermaid to of course!

P/s: I can't find Bugsy's own picture...

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