Sunday, 18 January 2009


Super huge ice cream!

Nothing else to talk about for this few days…
It’s been a while that I didn’t update right?
Anybody miss Chloe? haha

I just knew that I didn't update for 11 days!

School reopened and I am trying to suit my time.
I’ve been lazy, I admit.
Pictures taken by me are getting less and lesser.

Here’s the story then.
Saturday night went Merdeka Shopping Mall in town for shopping.

Dad and mum was the one who wants to buy new stuffs for Chinese New Year and I had nothing to buy no more. Lastly, I just bought two twins of things which can give me a face massage. I have a chubby face so I need to make it thinner? Lol

Well, good to know that daddy bought two shirts for CNY but guess how much it cost for two pieces of shirt? RM280+ if I am not mistaken. I thought it was on sales. Yes it is but John Master brand had no discount.

I can’t remember who spend ice cream that night.
It’s McDonald Ice Cream!!!

The person who is selling it is way too good who fill up the cone in a super fit ice cream from head to toe. Nope! It’s from cone to air!

Remember, to get this big McDonald Ice cream only available the one located in Merdeka, Kota Kinabalu

Picture Below: Yummy! I love it!
Picture Below: Lemon Flavour Mc Donald Ice Cream

I nearly gonna skip my dinner because of this huge ice cream

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