Saturday, 20 December 2008


Being unappreciated

Today I'm totally really sick..

I don't know what is my wrong for being love-to-sleep in the car. When I sat in the car for too long, automatically I will sleep. As I carrying so many things on my left and right hands, not on purposely I knock my mum's car, the Myvi's butt. I said sorry to you mum but you still can't accept it. Perhaps you are under stress.

'Forgive and Forget' is what's blinking on my mind now.

Letter to Dad:
When it comes to things that unrelated to my studies, please don't ever say it. You are not going to inspire me but to take me down-to-hell in my studies or my results. I tried my best in getting good results and it will be not be only good but great results. You know why? Because I want to be good and better than somebody else. I have plan for myself okay and I know you want my future to be good as well. As I thought.

Why every time when there is a quarrel upon me, you like or love to say "Ahh! No need to study la you! Fail la you" and I was like "What?!". I remembered during my time in KL, I had a big quarrel with sister and you said the same thing as well with additional 'Come back! No need to study liao!". The truth is, do you really want me to stop my studies or get bad results? Is that your dream or your hope upon me? Or you want me to have the same kind of results in KL? Are you happy after saying those words? I had enough for my bad results during my course in KL dad.. I had enough for it.

I know I'm the stupiest daughter of all yours. I'm the only one who haven't finish my studies and all my sisters had worked and have their own money or salaries. So what? The future is not you who can decide but God. You will never know what comes tomorrow. Yes, you may know tomorrow is what day.. Sunday or Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or even Saturday. Yes, everybody will know that not only you. Even a little tiny ant will know that. You may not know was the end of the world tomorrow or.. no more 'or' for that. No idea.

My eyes now are totally same as the cartoon named 'Pucca' the china doll with 3F. Fat-Fair-Face. Cried and cried I had enough too.
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