Thursday, 18 December 2008


Dinner in Hi Seoul

Here I would like to give my big wish to Meatball.

Yesterday night we went to Hi! Seoul for her birthday dinner but mum and dad couldn't join us because mum was sick and dad accompanying her in home.
So, a simple post with tasty pictures and video I perhaps?
Love ya all!
Location: Likas Square (Former A&W)

Picture Below: The Opening Hours

Picture Below: The Chopsticks and SpoonPicture Below: The Lunch Set in Promotion (Cheap and Nice)Picture Below: Table SettingsPicture Below: All Time Favourite KimchiPicture Below: The Onion?Picture Below: Something Spicy.. I don't knowPicture Below: Same as abovePicture Below: Korean RicePicture Below: Closer lookPicture Below: StewPicture Below: Pumkin PoridgePicture Below: BBQPicture Below: The waiter help us to BBQPicture Below: Raw and Juicy you can eat it!Picture Below: Juicy BeefPicture Below: Vegetables to eat it with the beef
Picture Below: Ginseng chicken soup with ricePicture Below: The Rice in the soupPicture Below: The Chickens (Sure Lots so consider as cheap)Picture Below: The Ginseng in the soup

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