Thursday, 4 December 2008


About Pilates

Again at home for the whole day. Another boring day.
Thinking of paint my bird house but I can't because the workers are using the brush and more I have to check whether they fully paint our window.

Pilate class are getting harder nowadays.
I upgrade it to a everyday exercise for me.
I really don't know how to explain Pilates actually
By saying "It almost same as Yoga", I will felt it is unfair.

Pilates promises to improve flexibility, posture, balance, and coordination by strengthening the body’s midsection.

Firms abs and butt: Lie facedown with hands under chin. Pull belly in, away from floor, then bend knees and flex feet. Lift right leg several inches, squeezing butt and pressing heel toward ceiling. Lower and repeat on other side; alternate legs for 20 reps

I really miss my body type last time during in my secondary school just like the picture above. *'-'*
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