Monday, 29 December 2008


Lindt Lindor Chocolate

One of my uncle’s sisters bought this box of chocolate when she was in Australia. To be honest, this is the first time ever I tried this and I know it is originally from Switzerland. The fillings are creamy and mouth-watering, I mean, seriously it melts in your throat!

Just like any other chocolate that with hard outer surface, Lindt Lindor chocolate fillings melt in your mouth when you took the first bite. And you will never open your mouth when you are eating. The juicy fillings just make you feel ‘hhhhmmmmm’ with a smile on your face and your eyes close. Lol!

I manage to take few picture of it! Enjoy!

Be very jealous... Be very very jealous!

Picture Below: The box of Lindt Lindor Chocolate

Picture Below: The chocolates! Want some? I knew you wantPicture Below: Looks cheap.. but expensive I guess?Picture Below: Did you see the fillings?!??!Picture Below: I can eat you can't~ Lol
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