Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Bad time stories

It's sad that Aldrich couldn't get good results.

I think it's okay for me because everyone had those moment even me.

For my previous course, I admit it that I'm really sucks in Quantity Surveying. Althought I manage to pass few subjects but I failed in every semester. Get what I mean? I passed and failed in different subject. Some more, my passing marks are not A or B but C and D. I don't felt shame to say about it.

As for Aldrich, I knew that he really put lots of hard works on his exams every time. Having revisions with his friends and in the library. Even if it's me, I didn't do my revision like he does. I am those person who are the one to do the "Last Minutes Revision". Haha.

For real, I don't love to study but I wanna get A. Can I?

My baby,
I will be with you forever and forever is and ever.
I will there for you when you need me.
I will let my shoulders for you when you cry (although I'm your girl).
I will hug you when you want me to.
I will kiss you whenever I wanted to.
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