Monday, 22 December 2008



Sick.. cause of what?
Rain? Weather?
Anything can be done..

Today my dear sick and it is worst. Probably worst than I do.
He is shivering.. 'cold in the outside and hot in the inside body'.

Since morning he keep complaining and I can't do anything but just ask him to rest more and drink more water but he told me that he started eat Panadol in the midnight and continued to eat the next day for few times which is today. I have been worried that he might over dos-ed but luckily he kept that in mind.

Well.. from all above I just want to say that I really miss you baby
I really hope that I can just go to your house no matter what kind of method I can use. Calling your sister to pick me up or ask anybody to fetch me. If I can, I drive there but I can't. Yes.. I think I still sucks in driving but what if a person do worried and don't ever think about 'I am Sucks in Driving'? Just Drive! (My mum will banned me)

I wish that I can be by your side, holding your forehead and make sure that you are okay. Hold your head like a baby to see you sleep soundly.. OMG.. I can't do it! If I did something like that, I have to make sure your sister send me back too! *smile*

I felt useless because I really don't know what happens after you went to the clinic. All I can do was just give Audrey a call and ask whether have you go back home or what? Asking your brother by sms whether are you OK and what are you doing..

Almost all the answers are the same and I can't see you with my eyes whether are you really that OK? They just told me you slept, tired, fever and make that high fever..

Baby.. I'm worried.. and I'm sick too..

Picture Below: In Shangri-La Hotel
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