Monday, 8 December 2008


Penang Village Restaurant

Urban = Modern

Having a girls night out with my mum, three sisters and aunt.

At first we went to the Stone House or Stone Shop to buy the decorations of garden in my house and one of the thing that we bought are two sheeps. It was cute and adorable which mum place it peacefully underneath the Christmas Tree. Thinking about. "Yes! we are the sheep".
After that, we are all day in One Borneo having our shopping spree and dinner. I bought one pair of heels for RM30 after discount! So cheap and it's nice in purple.

Let's see what's for dinner
Picture Below: The MenuPicture Below: The Menu as wellPicture Below: Pumkin Fried RicePicture Below: Special Penang Village Nasi Lemak (I think)Picture Below: Two type of vegetablesPicture Below: FishPicture Below: Pandan ChickenPicture Below: Tomato Fried RicePicture Below: Durian Cendol - My Favourite!
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