Thursday, 25 December 2008


Christmas in 2008

It was different from other Christmas that I had in the past few years. I think... This is supposed to be the unforgettable one?

Woke up in the morning at 7am as baby gave me a morning call and went to church. Aldrich come and fetches me again and this time the brothers were in the car. Once I open the door and the brothers started to laugh again...

We are so late to church because one of the brother sick in sudden and he keep on saying 'ζˆ‘δΈζƒ³ηš„' loll. Then we sat at the place where I can't see the LCD. It was sad, I know. After church service, Aldrich dad asked him to bring us for breakfast in Lintas without dad and mom joining us. For the whole morning service I didn't meet them (dad and mom) at all besides when they had a choir in front.
The song was nice!

The restaurant that we went to is newly opened said Audrey and again the brothers look at me and smile at me which I don't know what is so funny about. GRrrr! Popo let me sit beside my baby~ When I wanted to swallow my mee hoon, the youngest brother look at me and I didn't know how to eat because I was totally shy. Never really have a meal with them actually besides having supper. I told Aldrich and he asked me to look straight back to them until they are the one who will get shy.

Paying the bills, both Popo want to pay for it but the older grandma won and she won with the help of the funny waiter.

Finally I'm home. Aldrich and I have a nap and we woke up at the same time then my mum decided to have a walk in One Borneo. I told Aldrich and his brothers then few minutes later they told me they are going One Borneo as well. So, guess we going to meet and I'm getting excited about it.

Reached there and 10 minutes later they reached too. The brothers sms me and told me where are they and where am I. Later on, they walked pass to Esprit and saw me. While I'm in MNG, my dad saw Aldrich and his dad then they greet. We pass through each other and I was trying to push Aldrich. Haha.
Have you seen snow in Malaysia? One Borneo had created an artificial snow and it was nice. They even try to get some customer attention by having a photo section with a real snake. It is the yellow + white in colour which are the most famous kind in making movie or video. I attached the picture below.
The brothers are extremely naughty but fun! Lol.
I thought one of them is sick but he keeps on taking my picture when we are on the way to send me home.
We bumped into each other for few times. Its fate I know.
The brothers and sister are happy too!
We talked and laughed.
It just like two families is having shopping together.
That’s my thought. Lol.

I’m happy for this year’s Christmas. Want to know why?
1. It was my very first time to go Good Samaritan’s morning service.
2. My baby finally brings me to his church.
3. Met both grandma and they are happy and talk to me lots.
4. Having a good and great time with the siblings and grandmas.
5. Went to 1Borneo at the same time like a big family.
6. Where we all go, will bumped to each other.

Picture Below: Cameras at me. 4 person in this pic. Try find!

Picture Below: Left the car already still wanna snap my picsPicture Below: Snow in One BorneoPicture Below: Sisters famous in one dayPicture Below: Silly kid. XD

I had a great time how about you?


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