Saturday, 6 December 2008


Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To Chloe
Happy Birthday Sweet Heart!
This is how my birthday goes..
1. Mission to buy Christmas Tree
Aldrich and I went to Merdeka to find mum's Christmas Tree. Before we made our decision, we walk to Segama just across the street to find Christmas tree but they closed. So, I bought the Christmas Tree for RM80 in Merdeka.
2. Surprised in the cake house - Two thumbs up for him!
Went to Hyatt Regency Hotel for a walk and he whispered to my ear when we was looking at the cakes.
"Choose one for yourself" and I was shocked.
3. Had a great dinner - Two thumbs up for him!
What a surprise dinner in a unknown place for both of us. We never been there but he heard of it not me. I don't even know this restaurant exist in Kota Kinabalu. The name is Gunter's Gasthaus which located opposite the cemetery next to Kian Kok High School. Owned by a Gemany man and it is a bungalow. Beautiful place in the inside out. Warm and romantic and feeling like truly in a country side.
4. Sutera Habour's Charity?
Well, I'm disappointed in this one because I thought that I could find some of the Christmas Decorations stuffs in here and yes I found it but..... "Please pay by cash". It's a charity!!! The voucher given by my elder sister for my birthday present. Used 5 minutes to finish of the vouchers and runaway from this horrible place. Lol. Bought one Stupid Teddy and few usable boxes.

5. Christmas balls Mission
Rushed to Watson to buy Christmas decoration because Sutera's case. The christmas balls can't miss out hanging on the tree! Well, it's cheap but nice and perfectly placed on my newly-bought christmas tree now.
6. Go for a movie - Wild Child
Yesterday we choose between Bolt and Wild Child, we chose Bolt because I said that today will be my big day so watch girls movie haha. Jenette join us tonight! It was a nice movies talking about friends, life, students, teenagers and many more. Nice movie! Love her clothes and her heels! Think I have to get my cupboard a make over.
7. Blow the candles in last few minutes
Straight home after movie but before that we head to the petrol station. I have two candles with me and Aldrich light it up for me. Singing Happy birthday, wished for a very very long script, and blowed. Thanks Lord!
Picture Below: The Place called Gunter's Gasthaus

Picture Below: Simple menuPicture Below: Mushroom soup - VERY NICEPicture Below: Chicken Cordon Bleu RM22.90Picture Below: Same as abovePicture Below: Sausage?? RM 19.90Picture Below: Same
Picture Below: Roti Canai Pizza RM16.90Picture Below: The corner
Here I give some info of this restaurant:
They have offer saying that you pay for the main course and get others for free. So It's worth!! We only pay for the Chicken Cordon Bleu, Sausages, and the price of the set dinner which is RM5.90. Try it out!

Baby, I know that you tried your best. I'm glad and Thanks God in everthing I have include you.

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