Friday, 12 December 2008


Bride Ideas

Yesterday I went to my sister friend's Wedding in Sutera Habour.

The whole setting in the ballroom hall is so beautiful and the singers that they hired are good! Wow.. Really love the girl name Miss Yong sings because of her voice. They even sang the Kadazan songs titled 'Cinta Kinabalu' which is a very nice song as well and the guest dance in the end.

Thinking about the settings and recall back to all the weddings that I had ever attended, mostly they will put or set the tables with numbers. Right? Anyway, why don't everyone try to put the 'Happy Words' on the tables instead of the usual table numbers?

How unique it will be if the tables have names.

The names should and must be different words in relation to your marriage. When the guest sign in, then they will be seated at the table of for example, If there are 10 tables then think of 10 different words such as "Love", "Joy", "Trust", "Promises", "Faith", and so on.
Picture Below: The sample of Idea
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