Saturday, 16 May 2009


Sweet Daily Korean Cake House

Hi everyone!

Can you believe that I have class this morning and I really really don't wanna get up from my warm chilly bed. My class is at 9am and I just wish I can sleep til whenever I can. But, I can't. God! Help me!

Well, skip that Chloe.

This is what I wanna introduce to you all!

This place is not in France, is not in Korea,
but it is
Damai, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
The shoplots just behind Yoyo as well.
If you see a white frame shop, that's it!

Meatball brought me to this place.
I found that this shop is actually selling cakes which highly decorated. Sorry that I couldn't take pictures of the cakes and I did asked the shopkeeper for premission but still, No.

This shop is owned by Koreans.
The cakes, the cookies, make me wish that I own that shop! It's lovely as you see from the outside and the inside.

But here I tell you.. The price list is slightly expensive but sure it's worth! You won't loss anything just to buy one to try it right?
I really wish that I can sit down there,
Watch the cakes as I ordered,
Enjoy the cakes by sitting on the sofa (Only one!),
Take my spoon and close my eyes,
Feel the cheese go through my throat,
He hold my hands and look deep to my eyes,
Using the little tiny spoon to feed me,
And we are so happy and enjoy by that little tiny mini things we can do.

Too bad, he is not with me...
I just take away.
Enjoy the pictures folks!
Let the picture do the talking then!
From going to the shop til we bought 'em!

Picture Below: Can you see that I love you?
When I can have such big ring? LOL
I think this place really awesome and more, they did this because they learnt from France proved by a cert! So why don't give a try?
I will post up the beautiful cake's picture of their product if I have the chance to purchase it. Hoping someone would buy for me..
I had include the price and types of cake-base in the comment for Lisa (The forth comment). So please have a look!
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