Saturday, 30 May 2009


Lazy Chloe is Back

Hello everybody!

I’m extremely sorry that I was so busy to update because I attended two weddings last two weeks. Both are my cousins from both of my parent’s sides.
Don’t worry; I will post their wedding pictures sooner or later. Haha!

Plus, school reopen makes me kind of lazy and didn’t really have the mood but I know I have to study. LOL... That’s what happens when school reopens. More to say, the weather in Kota Kinabalu is like you are in a sauna for 40degree heat!

Recently, I didn’t really have the mood to eat as well. I know what you all gonna say now..

"EAT CHLOE EAT! If not, NO foods picture in this blog!!!"

I admit that I use cold water to bath.
I didn’t freeze during my shower everyday because I really can’t feel the cold. Realize how hot issit now?

So starting today,
Chloe is Back!
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