Monday, 4 May 2009


Full month baby

We had our dinner in Winner Hotel due to the reason of my little niece’s full month. Actually the actual date for her full month is on the 30th April. Since it is Sunday, therefore it is convenient for everyone to attend.
Winner Hotel is located at Kampung Air, Opposite Sinsuran and its freshly renovated haha.

My little niece will be named “Annie” but it’s only a nick name.
I am still confused.
She is a cute and tiny princess with her dad’s feature.

I don’t dare to hug her yet but once she grow in a few months later, I think I’ll be daring to hug her just like how I hug my other nieces and nephews who had started their school, pre-primary and primary. Soon, one of them will be in secondary school which is the one I nearly taught her almost everything.

So this is what we had for our dinner.
Simple Chinese dishes.
Here I wanted to add in is that the services at Winner Hotel that night are awful. Not that I simply say it here but it’s true. There is lack of employees that night and they totally put us all aside with only an old man who is serving us. I knew that old man since I was young because he worked for this hotel for many years and he still continuing serving them. Blame on those who did not help him at all.
Picture Below: The lamp at the Lobby
Picture Below: Birthday Red EggsPicture Below: ChickenPicture Below: Sweet and Sour Fish (Two Thumbs up!)Picture Below: Salad PrawnsPicture Below: PorkPicture Below: Yam with mix meat and vegePicture Below: Mushrooms with Broccoli
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