Friday, 15 May 2009


Sarawak "Pipe" Con Man

This is what I heard from my baby.

I just finished my talk on the phone with my baby and guess what I heard?

"Baby, I wanna tell you something happen just now"
"You try to guess first"
"Hmm.. some one call you? Your mum?"
"Then, a girl kissed you?!"
"Hehe.. Then you hugged someone?"
"Nooo bahh.."
"Some one sms you la!"
"Tell me la Mr. No"
"Some one cheated us"
"Ngam la! Some one sms you and cheat you la!"

"There is this man who came to my house and told us that he is from government and come for checking"
"Then he say our water in the housing area is dirty. So the government ask the filter company to help us change the filter"
"So, I'm not the one who let the man in"
"My friend's gf and I don't know she's at home"
"So means you are alone with her la?!"
"Ermm.. ya.."
"Yerrr.. you listen to me first.."
"Hehe.. then my friend's gf knock my door I also shocked because I don't know there is someone at home. Then when I go down, the man already there inside of my house"
"Ya... Then he start changing the filter. After that, he asked for money RM300 for the filter. I was thinking that if he is from the government means it's FOC right?"
"Yes.. or else?"
"Then he started to ask for money and I refuse because no money. Then he say he gonna call my landlord and he say he got her number"
"He say very high tech waa.."
"Okayy.. then?"
"Then I know he pura pura call. Some more if the filter is new, it won't be wet. So I know he cheated when I first look at him"
"Hey baby listen here. I don't care you said that you are clever, I'm gonna scold you for sure too"
"Then continue now"
"Then he asked me to go bank and he bring me there to withdraw"
"Then, after that, my friend gf call the landlord and then have a chat there. Then she say the landlord didn't ask people to come by and change the filter. So, the man also don't know what he can do. Then he was like being dramatic and thinking ways to get out"
"After that?"

"After that, I just told him to undo the installation and see what happen next and he did. Then while he is going out form the house, he mumbling that he don't think he came to the wrong house.. this and that.. being dramatic again"

"Okay baby, you ready for my words?"
"Yaa.. do it"
"How come you and her alone in home?"
"I dono ehh.. my friend go school already"
"Then he left her in the house?"
"I don't know.. I really don't know..."
"Okay fine. Don't talk about that"
"Why so stupid one ohh! If that man came in to your house and kill you both how?!"
"I also donno de woo.. I don't know my friend's gf open the door already and let the man come in"
"I tell you ahh.. If the man didn't know you are there and he thought only the girl at home how? Sure he kill her if he can"
"Ya lo.. My friend also scold her already la.. He also say if I'm not in home then something bad might happen"
"Your friend not fierce enough okay? I'm fierce!"
"He also very fierce de wooo..."
"I'm fierce than him okay? I'm a lady!"
"If he kill both of you how?! Stupid"

"I'm aware of this kind of things. Don't worry. You told me a lot of what happened in KL during your stay in KL"
"Okay.. next time ask your friend punya gf to stay in the room only. Dangerous! Don't simply open the door! They might hypnotize people and ask them to do anything they ordered!"
"Okies, don't worry me la~"
"How to don't worry you? If died how? I want you to die with me cannot die with anyone else! haha"

So, friends. Beware and be carefull of this kind of things.

Some stories that happened during my stay in KL is that, people might really hypnotize you while looking into their eyes. Then whatever they ordered you to do, you will listened without knowing it.

If they asked you to take the laptop, you will!
If they asked you to take off your clothes, you will!

Just be careful.
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