Sunday, 10 May 2009


Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day to all Mothers all over the world!

I am having this backache. I think maybe I did the housework in my full energy. Haha but now, I’m in pain. Huge Pain!

We didn’t celebrate much but dad cooked dinner instead of going out. We have carrot cake for dessert. It’s from Secret Recipe and it’s really really tasty!

At first, Meatball and I planned to have a dinner outside at Vegas but then I really thought they are going to make a surprise dinner to mum and I did told her that “Why don’t we eating out?”

After that, mum rejected. Maybe because of the bad economy nowadays we had in the whole world. Yeah.. I understand that.

So this is it, just the pictures of the cake.
Why don’t you have a try by purchasing it?
RM 5 per piece.
Worth it by try it out by dining in Secret Recipe with RM0.50 for sky juice. Don’t forget the service charge! Haha!

Picture Below: Cake for my dearest lovely mother
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