Monday, 20 April 2009


Chloe is back again

Hia everyone!
Good to blog again.... haha.
I had been too busy in my college, assignments, presentations, tests and examinations and now I'm in a short semester break.

I would like to say sorry to all of you for my late replies and so on. It's been 2 to 3 weeks that I neglected my blog and I didn't even have the time to look at the chat box as well. The comments I received, I just approved without replying and I'm going to check on that later.

Hmm.... I know some of you like CrazyWrazy, Via, Lisa, Amy, HP, David, and who? (Sorry for not remembering). I know these guys keep on viewing me but I'm so sorry that I didn't manage to reply any of you but I did it just now before I go for a road trip to Kundasang. Haha. But how come I didn't get any messages from the couples? SabahKing and JuneJune, and lot! Kinda miss you guys now and I'm gonna check on you all sooner or later! Perhaps some of them also busy with some other things right? That's why didn't visit.. but I hope you all will still take care yourself.

I am managing two blogs of mine now and since there are examinations last week and I was busy updating the other blog for doing revisions or studies with or to all my classmates. If you want to have a visit to my second blog, you may click my profile to find out or kindly click here and thanks for viewing!

See, I will update all my posts here which I haven't update within the past few weeks and I have two weeks to do that before school reopens and all the headaches for me will come right back again up to my nerves! Now, I'm sick with flu and soar throat and I'm working on it. Not going to take pills for recover myself because I want my antibody to fight it. Don't really depend on drugs actually.

I have lots to update including the foods that I took in all kind of places, visiting Weston for half day trip with my family, my God brother went to KL for further studies and I bought him a lovely present, my trip to Tabin Wildlife Reserve which I promised to update a long long time ago, activity such as BBQ beach party of my classmates after exams which is last week, and so on. The latest would be my short road trip to Pekan Nabalu and Kundasang. I really have lots of pictures waiting for me to update and I have lots to tell you all! Haha!
Hope you all will love it and enjoy reading!
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