Sunday, 6 December 2009


On my birthday

Aldrich come and sees me today but not on the 5th when he just came back from Sarawak. Well, I’m quite disappointed in him because I thought that he’s going to give me a surprise yesterday. Everything that I do, I wish he will surprise me from my back. Well, the first, I thought he’s going to Fratini’s Restaurant and surprise me, but not. Second, I thought that he’s going to my house and surprise me late at night, but nope. So, I’m quite disappointed because all I thought was just… a thought.

So, today I just forget about what happened last night and just be normal. Nor angry, nor disappointed and just be cool with him. Then, he told me that he’s going to find me at night and celebrate with me and I say ok and I’ll be in Karamunsing Complex because I’ll be having dinner there with my family. So, during the dinner, Aldrich SMS-ed me and said, ‘Baby, wait me. I’m coming in a while’.

For me, all I thought was he is coming from house now, in his car, with my smiley face coming to fetch me. Then, after dinner I told mom that I will wait for him here in Karamunsing since he said he’s coming. So, my family went home and I wait and wait, wait until I can’t stand it anymore because it’s quite dangerous to wait alone in that building and I’m not familiar with that. Then, I called his brothers and both of them did not pick up the phone and I get on my nerves. First, Alston picked the phone and tell me that he don’t know what’s going on he Aldrich. He doesn’t know whether Aldrich is gone out or not.

Suddenly, Adrian sms me and said ‘I’m sorry’.
So, I guess it’s because he didn’t pick my phone up and I call him back, he picked.
Then, I asked Adrian, ‘Where is your big brother?’
You know what he said?

Adrian is Green, I'm Pink

‘He’s having his dinner’
‘So, means he’s still at home?’
  'Yea. Why?’
‘He told me that he’s coming to fetch me right now and I thought he left from home’
‘Har… You wait la’
‘I waited for so long and he sitting at home still? I’m alone at Karamunsing waiting for him!’
‘Why you are alone?’
‘Fine, just ask him don’t find me. I’m disappointed in him! I go back home alone la!’
‘Wei, no no’
‘I don’t care!’

Then I close the phone immediately because I don’t know what I’m thinking that time.

Suddenly Caren sms-ed me and at least I have someone to talk to. I told her what happened and of course in female rights, I’m right. So, I wait and wait, think lots, and starts going in shops to be save (at least). Then, he called me. I didn’t pick the phone till it rang for three times. So, I asked him.

Aldrich is Blue, I'm Pink

‘What you want?’
‘Where are you?!’
  'I don’t know. You wanna find me? Just park your car and come right in. Find me.’
‘What? Don’t play. Come out. I don’t know where you are.’
‘Come out and find me if you really love me.’
‘Don’t play please. Dangerous!’
‘Well, you know dangerous? Means that I wait for you alone until now that is NOT dangerous?’
‘I’m sorry ok. And why are you alone!?’
‘So you think that I’m gonna ask my family to accompany me until you come?’
‘Where are you!?’
‘Don’t ask me where am I. If you really want, come in!’
‘I can’t go because I can’t park here for long.’
‘Oh come on. Am I that unimportant to you!?’
‘Please baby, please. Come out.’

So I close the phone and go out and shout at him in the car.

Yes, I know I can’t be too cruel to him. My friends always say that I’m too soft hearted. I admit. I told him how I felt. Tell him that it’s not right to put me aside and wait alone in somewhere. Some more, says that he is coming. What is that? Coming but still at home?! Gosh. He holds my hand and keeps on talk to me but still I refuse. Until going out from the car to the lift in Centre Point, I still refuse to talk to him. He just holds my hand. He keeps on thinking how to convince me. Okay, he can’t make it but I’m the one who turns okay. I told him that ‘I am still angry’. He said ‘I know’.

Then, he brings me for Japanese food. It’s located in Palm Square (4th Floor) Centre Point. I point to the section in the menu, but Aldrich thought I wanted that dish. God, how can this be? But, he tried to change with the waitress but they started to make the ingredients. So nope, can’t change the order. Never mind, I just don’t eat that bowl of rice with Tempuras and other fried vegetables. I eat the soba but only half I ate. It is 2 in 1 actually and cost about RM20. I like the Shasimi, not the Tempuras. *sad*

After dinner I still a little angry and I said I wanted to go for movies. At least no need to listen him talk or I also no need to talk. Better right? LOL. So, we had to erm… let me think. We watched… ahh! I know, Couple Retreat. The movie is quite nice, at least it suit for both of us that time because we are having some sort of freeze situation. I don’t wanna talk to him. :P

Back home, in the car, before going down, he took a present out to me. He bought me a can drink. Then I’m soooooooo sad! Because I’m in the middle of angry still and a can drink? Omg… Really really down that time. He bought me drinks because I love to drink juices or any drinks. Then suddenly, he took another present to me! Yea yea! But it’s a chocolate. *saddddddddddddddddddddddddd* Then I thought it’s the last present. Then, suddenly, A PRETTY BOX!!! Yea yeaa.. This time really yeah! It’s like Tiffany & Co. box but of course it’s not. Then we went in home and I can’t wait to see the present! Then when I take the PRETTY BOX out again, omg!! It’s not like Tiffany & Co. de colour. It’s really greenish! But, what’s inside? I’m nervous!

He asked me to guess.

‘Okay, try me. It’s a watch!’
‘Errr… donno?’
'Yer!! It’s a…. necklace?’
‘ISH!!! I wanna open it!’
‘Okay~’ *smiling smiling there*

YES! I’m correct! It’s a watch!

Tell you guys what’s the bad thing is.
Aldrich can’t really give me surprises because I always guess it correct.
So, sometimes I’m trying to be stupid to let him succeed haha!!
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