Friday, 18 December 2009


First Metrojaya in Kota Kinabalu

Well well, Metrojaya opened for Christmas so all the decorations were in Christmas.

Angels be with you.

I went there with my family and an aunt. You know, I love how they decorate the whole department store. Sometimes, it makes me want to have my own home and decorate it with those plates, wine glasses, furniture, and so on. Price is just nice as people would be affordable to buy those that they need.

Living room, Bathroom and Kitchen stuffs are my favourite section to see and dream of.

After a walk inside Metrojaya, we have a walk outside Metrojaya. The centre atrium is big and empty. It is enough for us to see everyone who walks and chit chatting there over and over again with the same faces. This mean we can also see how many empty slots have not been rented yet.

We had Kenny Roger’s for dinner and they serve quite a few to compare to the other Kenny Roger’s. The others are full plate but this I still can see there are empty spaces on my plate. I give them the rating of 3/5. Haha! Maybe because it’s newly opened and the waiter and waitress are newly trained. So, its better not to compare to other Kenny Roger’s first.

Loccitane en Provence is here. So, this is the first one in Kota Kinabalu as well. Both of my sisters bought something from here and I get something for free as well!

By that time, Aldrich called me and said that he’s here. So, I’m gone in sudden just to get him before he get lost. Then after that, Aldrich and I continue to explore Metrojaya as it’s his first time stepping in. We took few pictures at the Christmas trees in Metrojaya as I told Aldrich that nobody cares what’s going on there unless we are at the cashier.

I’m not the only one who loves it, Aldrich as well. We both love this one.

The perfect couch
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