Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Overly morning breakfast

In the morning, Meatball brought pizzas to office. It’s from Luna Rossa Italian Restaurant. Gosh, I wanted to try that place too since she went there like twice. I don’t know how much this pizza cost but it is definitely delicious! It’s like not too cheesy, not too many sauce. We make it hot with oven and then eat it with bare hands. Yums. See the mushrooms? Temping huh?

Then, the other thing is I saw some bread in the office that is going to expire. So, what else? French Toast! It is the great way to prevent bread wasted by throwing it. Hmm, I think I should let Michelle to see how this works since I want her to be the cook to her housemate. Lol! Very easy job bah my dear but I think you know how to do this lo…

Bread (white better because whole meal can’t blend it with the egg)

Cut the bread in to half
Beat the eggs and mix sugar according to your taste in a big bowl
Once all done, put the breads 2 by 2 into the big bowl to soak your bread (both sides).
Prepare pan, use butter or margarine as oil.
Hot already, put the breads!
Battles begin!
Make sure both sides turn golden brown.
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