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My birthday Celebration

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I had a great birthday dinner with my cousin and friends tonight. So, you must read this all!
Okay, some of them have works so they can’t make it and some of them can’t come for some reasons and it’s ok.

Here’s the story.

At first, I was planning to go Upperstar at Lintas to have this dinner because it’s new and the price is reasonable! But, Kim told me that its full house when she pass the restaurant. She fetched me, we went to Damai and check the other Upperstar but its full as well. So, she recommends to go Fish & Co. or Fratini’s. I think and discuss with her then I decided to go Fratini’s Restaurant in Warisan Square because it is quiet and the foods are nice as well with unique dishes and the carte du jour will be more than Fish & Co. certainly.

Ready to eat?

Fratini’s Restaurant serves authentic Italian cuisine. The pastas and pizzas are their best! So, decided to go here and for sure will spend up more than going to Upperstar but it is ok because it’s my birthday! I have saved up my money to spend this dinner so, don’t care! Eat and enjoy! For this, I paid RM 121.90. No bad right? So, Kim and I were looking at the Menu and I decided to order four courses. Among all pizzas, I chose Suprema which cost me RM32. The reason that I ordered this one is because everything is in the pizza and everyone surely loves it! Look at the picture below.

Picture Below: Suprema, RM32

So, what do you think about the Suprema? Gosh, it is huge and full of ingredients and enough for four of us! You may have to try this or just try other pizzas. They are lots of choices actually! My style of eating pizza? Aww. I can’t eat without Tabasco! Surely I will put Tabasco and covered the toppings!

Next, I ordered pasta, Fettuccini Carbonara. It cost RM22.50. I ordered this because, first, I asked Kimberly’s idea for that and second, I am sure that she misses the Carbonara that we worked in Le Meridien during Inti Partner Lunch. During and after having lunch in Le Meridien, I remember she keep on saying that ‘The Carbonara so delicious oh!’ Right Kim? Haha. So, this is the picture of it! Fettuccini Carbonara!

Picture Below: Fettuccini Carbonara, RM22.50

Taste of this Fettuccini Carbonara? Hmm, it was alright. Kim said she can’t see the meat. I think it is very cheesy.

After that, I ordered the Lasagne Di Carne for RM23.50. I ordered this one because mom loves Lasagna! Every time when she goes to Italian Restaurant, for sure she wants Lasagna, especially Little Italy. So, I just want to try this out and maybe could recommend mom to dine in here. No no, don’t scroll down first. Let me tell you about this Lasagna. My oh my, I love this Lasagna! Maybe I always dine in Little Italy and get boring with their Lasagna. Fratini’s Lasagna has lots of beef! I mean, MEAT! Yums yums! *buurrpp!!* I want it again. Lols. Did you see the cheese?

Picture Below: Lasagne Di Carne, RM23.50

Last order!! Seafood Soup, RM12. The waiter recommends this actually and I think it is ok to try it. So, I just ordered one and four of us share because it’s quite expensive to order one for each. It cost RM12. It is nice and tasty. The seafood is fresh!

Picture Below: Seafood Soup, RM12

Then, we had a long dinner by ending up cam whoring. Well, thanks to the big mirror that we side beside to. From sitting down on the chair until standing up on the floor, we are still cam whoring. We are the last customers and all the staffs are waiting for us to say good bye but before that, I got my presents from all of them. It’s from INTIMA actually but some of them didn’t come. So, I would like to say thank you to all of you. They got me this bag and I didn’t realize there’s a big plastic bag on the other chair because I was so focus on the foods and taking pictures of those foods and taking pictures of four of us. Yes yes! Photography is life!

Once they hand over the present to me, I am shock! The box is huge. And it’s quite heavy. As I open it, gees… I am nervous because I seldom open presents. Then, I saw there’s a sunglass with a bag as well! I love both presents. Especially the bag because it’s look like Channel (Aldrich said it’s like Gucci). At first I didn’t know there’s a golden lock and key in front of the bag and then I saw it, it’s actually mean I’m 21 already. Nice and wondering meaning.

After dinner, actually I wanted to go Atmosphere to end my birthday celebration by playing a thank you song for my friends using the grand piano but we didn’t go. It’s too far to go there. Then, we ended up going back home. On our way home, we head to 7evelen because Kim wants to buy some bread for her mom. Eric went down to buy and three ladies in the car playing with the camera again and give a sexy lips then Eric joins in later on.

Reach home, Jenette wants to use the washroom while Eric and Kim wait in the car. Then once Jenette finished, she holds her phone and waves to the outside from the window and I was thinking what’s going on? *Ahh… got something else* So, Eric and Kim walk slowly pass through the garden and sing happy birthday song to me. Eric holds the cake; Kim holds the camera to record a video of all of us. It was fun! They use donuts to be my cake and it is 2230hrs so all of us have to voice down ourselves. Haha.

Very funny! Then what else? Take pictures again! This time, my donut 'cake' HAHA!

Adios! My long post of my birthday celebration!

Picture of the day: Special thanks to my lovely cousin Jenette, and wonderful friends Kimberly and Eric! Love you all!
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