Wednesday, 2 December 2009


My tooth and Meeting with Management

I had an appointment with the dentist once again and she asks me to go back after a month later… again to check my tooth. This tooth take my time for about two months if I’m not mistaken and spent about RM350 on just my one big tooth (second last one). Don’t count the wisdom tooth because it hasn’t come out yet. The final balance to do my tooth is RM450. Big amount, yes.

In the afternoon, I went to the college and have a video conference with INTI Subang. Wow. I wonder when will INTI College Sabah will have their own conference room because we were having our meeting in principal’s office which is quite uncanny and disrespectful to the principal because if we occupied the principal’s office, then where will the principal go? Yum cha?

Luckily the principal is out station.

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