Saturday, 5 December 2009


Reason to give something for mom on your birthday

It is weird that I wanted to buy a present for my mom during my birthday? I tell you why then.

I remembered this is told by a person whom I knew long time ago. Last few years, he told me this and I wanted to let everyone knew that. I don’t know did he really concern about this or did he really do this to thanks his mother but I did because I found it carries a true meaning. A mother is the one who give birth to her child and it is difficult and hard to give birth to a baby.

Well, in fact. It is not us who are having birthdays to be happy by celebrating it with friends and love one only but to let our mother happy as well because she is the one who is suffering 9 months for carrying us in her body and that day you were born was the anniversary to you and your mother. It is not only you happy during your birthday but your mother to be happy as well because she raises you.

So, I bought a present, a meaningful one for my mom because I’m 21 years old tomorrow. I hope she will put something which is belongs to her and dad. Put things like some pictures of them two, rings for them two, what else? Necklace? Well, I'm getting a title as an adult already right? Hmm… I didn’t plan to buy a big present for my mother every year during my birthday because I can’t afford it yet I’m saving money for my future use as well. Other birthday, maybe I will buy something else to her then.

So, this is it.

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