Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Cinnamon Cookies + Recipe

Today, I decided to bake Cinnamon cookies.
At first, this idea came from the cookies from Promenade Hotel. It’s Cinnamon cookies as well. When I try on the Promenade’s Cinnamon cookies, I love it so much and trying to taste what they use to make this. So, in the end it’s Cinnamon.

I try and try to find Cinnamon Powder this morning and I can’t find it. Then it leaves me no choice but to ask the cashier. Actually, I’ve asked one of them but they didn’t know what Cinnamon is. Luckily the other (I think it’s the boss) knew. So, I wonder how many Cinnamon spices do Promenade used. Then I bought two bottles of that. At least I have a spare right?

Almost in the afternoon after I take my lunch, I started to do. Maria was so busy which she only have one method to teach me is by answering my questions. Haha. First, I make sure I have every ingredients needed. Oh ya, I get the ingredients from the internet then I printed it yesterday.

2 cups of Sugar and ½ cup of Butter. Make it pale and smooth and fluffy.
Left to Right!

Beat in eggs until combined. But not for too long unless it’s cake.

Mix in sifted flour mixture (2 cups of all purpose flour + 2 ½ cinnamon + ½ salt) until combined

Left to Right

Form dough into a disk and chill, wrapped in plastic wrap, until form, about 1 hour.

Then chop chop with any shapes you want. Then bake for 10 – 20 minutes.


Something special for my baby is to put strawberry fillings.

One for him, one for me!

Good luck in yours!

Icing coming up!
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