Saturday, 19 December 2009


Inti Info Day

Today, I gonna work in Le Meridien again for INTI! This time Kimberly didn’t follow but Jenette and Eric. At first Evelyn is joining but she was having some problem day before so have to tell Miss about it and Mark replace her then. Other than Mark, Ashleigh joins as well and other Hotel Management students. Hotel Management students are there to show their works and this picture below is the table that they arranged.

All the things that we have to do are at the registration area where we have to ensure guests to sign for their attendance. Giving goodie bags or forms for them to fill in their details and information of how they know INTI and what course are they actually get interested with.
Met some newly graduated students from Secondary schools and some parents who are just concern about their children’s future of choosing INTI Sabah is a best choice. On this day, parents are welcome so as the students and will be consult by our Head of Programmes or Management Staffs. I remember about three parents ask me about INTI stuffs and I do my best to answer them with confident. Haha. But everything that I answer is true! I didn’t lie ehh!

Hmm. Other than INTI Info Day, IEC are doing expo as well but this didn’t go well some time. I wonder why it can’t work and I don’t know who is wrong by then because I did not go over to the other side often as I have works to do at here. Few of the INTI students were standing near by them but they said that one of our students is pulling their guests or customers. Gosh. I wish I could say this but, this is not about business. We don’t sell things but provide information as we are doing an “INFO DAY”. Guests who want to go or not, they have their own choice and of course if they did not want to go over which-ever-side, they have the right to say ‘no’. And I do remember that one of the guest told us that they wants to go for IEC and our students told the guests it’s there on the other side and they escort them as well. So?

Well, my job is the same as the student helper but I have some additional work to do which Miss G told me to. I have to walk here and there to make the guests interested in listening to our Principal’s talk. There are 2 sessions which is on the 3pm and 4pm. Apart of that, because the venue of the talk is quite far. So, I have to entertain the guests by talking or explain to them about what INTI has, while I escort them to the venue. Other than that, if the guests are just come for the consultant then I have to bring guests to their place of which courses they are interested with and I will lead them to which Head of Programme that will explain the courses. If all spaces are occupied, then I have to entertain them with any method that I can think of. Haha. More, I have to hold a pen on a tray which I have to guide it with my life to let the VIPs sign because there is one new programme launched that day, Diploma in Culinary Arts. And there are more jobs like asking for the acknowledgement for the cert, and so on.

I barely have time to eat. So, I didn’t eat until it’s about 3pm or 4pm. Some more, there are not enough foods for the other student helpers. Well, I love my job.
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