Tuesday, 1 December 2009


2rd home = Starbucks

Got a sms from Siah and he asked me whether I wanted to go out tonight. Then, ok. Replying, replying, both sides and I said…
“But I scare I don’t have things to talk. Haha”
Because most of the friends that he invited I don’t know in person. So, I’m a little shy. But he replied…
“Huh!! Can’t imagine you being silent since I know you always talking one”

Siah, siah… I’m so talkative meh? Or terlampau outgoing?

I didn’t go out for days and thinking what to wear... *sigh*
Mix and match my clothes and there you go!
Give my hair a little curl by tying it after I took my bath to give some volume to my long long hair and make it in centre line, wearing my purple cardigan with a Roxy blouse and a white short. Aww. I love! Long time didn’t wear shorts because of my scars but now it is recovering. So I’m happy to wear shorts again!

There’s few didn’t manage to come so I’m the only lady.
Talk about lots of things. The entire topics, yes yes I manage to catch up because whoever they mention I know them all. Luckily haha! Oh ya, but not the games. Lol. We did talk about how students celebrate birthdays in our batch during days in All Saints. Gosh, lucky I am a December child. Never encounter with that.

I knew these guys and seen them in All Saints but then we never spoke to each other. They were in the other classes but not for Alvin. He’s in my class. Lucky! Through Facebook, they know I’m Chloe. Lol! I’m not sure do they recognize I’m the one in All Saints.

Well, talking about this. I really never talk to them. So, it’s quite… Hmm. I don’t know how to start a conversation with them actually but then automatically it starts! Guess Siah was right by saying me that he can’t imagine me being silent.

And for the first time going out with them, omg! Waiting for the next time?
I really did laugh out loud yesterday!! I’m quite lost in control of laughing because speaking of the ‘father’ and some other topics which include actions.

The drinks certainly have Christmas feelings right?

Showing my new hand bag ^^
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