Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Go to City Mall in the afternoon

Task 1: Body check up. (Beauty)
Task 2: Yum cha

So, I’m going to talk about the body check up (beauty) first. Actually I’m just trying out but mom and Meatball are in that. So, I went there and just have a check. The doctor said that my body is full of muscles. Lol! Funny. Of course got fats but then my muscles are more than my fats. Except for my arms, fats are more than muscles. I wonder why… I always work with my hands what. =(

After that, Yum cha is next! We went to Mei Xin in outside area of City Mall. Most of them ordered Sweet Potato Soup and I ordered Strawberry Honeydew Sago which cost RM5.80. The taste? Erm… I think they just use Strawberry paste or liquid to make the ‘soup’ but the round round thingy is actually real honeydew. What if the strawberry really come from the fruit?! Then I'll be going back there for sure!

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