Monday, 23 December 2013


Coming to the end of the year 2013

First of all, a happy MERRY CHRISTMAS to every one of you. For those who have been supporting and reading my blog – a big SHOUT OUT to you, THANK YOU!

And again, I think it’s good for me to change my blog design, blog title, and name, descriptions, and so on. It’s good to change and to improve always and I hope by the New Year, there will be a brand new look of my blog!

The reason? Tell me about it. Whenever someone ask me for my blog link, I’ll say, “well, my blog is an old blog and the website link might sound weird to you. It’s ‘angelsbewithyou’. And their face will change immediately. I do understand that, when I ask myself, I made that weird look too. It’s totally unrelated to what I am writing and sharing on this blog.

So, why not change it? But I might need your help.

Originally, ‘Faith. Hope. Love. Care [Chloe] and I have changed to ‘a SABAHAN blogger’. What do you think? What about the website link? Should I just put ‘’?

Wait for your thoughts!

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