Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Baskin Robbins Malaysia give out ice cream for FREE!

In view of the valiant efforts of our Olympian heroes, join in this Nationwide Celebration as Baskin Robbins gives out free Ice Cream on 8 August 2012 (Wednesday), 8pm to 10pm; All Baskin-Robbins Outlet *excluding two kiosks at Pantai Hospital Bangsar and Genting Theme Park.

There are tons of Sabahans were supporting Dato' Lee Chong Wei during his finals in London 2012. We love him as he fought for our country. Well, this advertisement stated "...make us Proud to be Malaysian". I have no choice but to say this. I do believe that Baskin Robbins do know that there are no Baskin-Robbins kiosks in Sabah but only sell in pint in several supermarkets. So? :-] 

In the previous announcement, please don't say available in the whole Malaysia if you are not.

This ads also makes me think, what do you mean by "make us Proud to be Malaysian"? Aren't we not?

If you do wanna make us all Malaysians to be happy, please be fair.

Well, I hope those will queue for the glory, not for the ice cream. :)

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Margaret said...

Agree! :DD I want my ice cream too...XDD