Monday, 6 August 2012


LIVE support for Dato' Lee Chong Wei

Happens in my personal Facebook. Haha! Enjoy.

Support #LeeChongWei in #badminton #London2012 #olympic now!!! 20 minutes more!

Photo taken at Trafalgar Square, London.

Most of us are supporting Lee Chong Wei right? Malaysia, win please! Good luck and all the best!

Don't fall for his trick! Come on Lee Chong Wei! We can see it, you can see it too!

1 more points and Malaysia Lee Chong Wei will win the first round! Come onnn! Don't waste golden moment!!!

15-11 now. It's time to catch all points Lee Chong Wei. It's the best time now!!! Malaysia!!!

Lin Dan is playing angry ball. Lee Chong Wei, stay cool and steady! Have faith! Jia you jia you!

马来西亚!!! Don't tired please! Lee Chong Wei, stay strong! Focus focus!

Third round... Lee Chong Wei, do your best and make badminton history please! For Malaysia! Good luck. This is your last chance!

Lee Chong Wei! Don't fall for his trick again! Lin Dan keeps using the same trick. Use your trick! Come on Malaysia!!! 马来西亚!!!Foreigners counting on you too. Show your power!!!

18-16 One more point Lee Chong Wei! Ada Harapan! Stay strong and focus!!!

My heart is beating so so fast! Come on! 2 more points and Malaysia will make history!

Malaysia won silver medal. Lee Chong Wei kneel on the floor and cried. But it's a good game and he did his best. We are proud of you Dato! Great game!

Let me tell you how Lin Dan is if the announcer are afraid to say it. He is an angry bird! Full of tricks in the badminton world. Hahahahahah just kidding. ;)

Happy to see Malaysia flag on the TV! Thank you Lee Chong Wei! You are always our number one!

You united a nation no matter what race religion colour or gender everyone was right behind you. That's more than winning. Dato' Lee Chong Wei, hero of Malaysia in the badminton world! Support you no matter how.

Proud to see Malaysia flag high up. Without him, this moment wouldn't be at sight. Thank you Dato' Lee Chong Wei! Now let's pray for cycling. :D

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