Saturday, 16 June 2012


Flying to Europe

I still have 20 hours before heading to the Kota Kinabalu International Airport tomorrow for London. Its quite exciting and tired at the same time.

Well, mentally and physically tired to be exact. Planning for a Europe trip from scratch is not an easy thing to do. Information from the flights, train, hotel, how to go to those selected attractions, etc. Actually I was going to follow tours but after transaction and everything, tours are unavailable in the end. Makes me gone crazy for few days but its okay since I just need a second plan.

So far it has been great! Looking forward to all places that we normally can see on pictures through google search. I will be heading down to London, Paris, Barcelona for my graduation, Milan, Rome, Switzerland, and back to London and meet my darling.

Before I set my foot there, really want to thanks Michelle for giving me her previous informations that she got on her Europe trip last year. Jeaneatte, who is going to meet me and bring me to try out Traditional English afternoon tea on the first day I step down London. Elaine, who helped me in my plannings. Grace, for helping in planning during my working hours. Jimmy, for suggesting all the nice places, fetch and send us from and to the airport. Jackson, who let me stay at his place. Dino, who suggested few nice places to me that he went before. Jessica, who remind me to take vaccine injection. Of course, my family and friends who supported and help me with this trip. Aldrich, who helped me with every bits and bites. Love you all!

Not to forget, Dr Craen, and Carl, for giving me a chance to speak on behalf of all Asian Graduants in European University. Joanna. P, for offering to bring me around Barcelona. And thank you from the University!

Wish me luck!


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Mr Lonely said...

have a safe trip.