Wednesday, 25 November 2009


City view on 25 November

Went to the town and to send some stuff and head to somewhere else.


I realize Suria Sabah almost finish! Banners putting ads that are to believe Metrojaya is going to open in Suria Sabah on 3rd December 2009. So, I took some picture of it since someone who is in UK now missing Sabah. Lol. Once I see Suria, I heard her voice saying and I did promise her to take some picture of Suria Sabah and I decided to let her see the procedure of it since I formerly a Quantity Surveyor always snap snap pictures of buildings. Oh ya! For your information, there are plants on the site now!

But before that, I saw this HUGE ship! The name of this ship is Costa Classica. Well, I manage to snap it while I’m in the car since the road having a traffic jam. Is she beautiful? Yes it is. I wish that I could have my holiday with Star Cruise. It is possible?

WHY NOT?! As long as I pay. Right? Hhaha

Okay, continue my journey to the town. I have to go Wisma Merdeka to send something and I have to pass by Hyatt. Hyatt now is having their renovation now. And...? Shenanigan’s! The sword fish and the sea side! Happy happy?

*ehhem* *cough*

I know you miss Shenanigan’s.

Okay, that’s the end!
Show you some of the weather here in Kota Kinabalu now then

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