Thursday, 26 March 2009


Earth Hour Countdown

Hi everyone!
There's been a mistake that I have done.
Lols.. So obviously the wallpaper that I uploaded stated there 28th is Saturday but I keep on mind that 28 is Friday. Why ah? Lols. My mistake. Sorry... It's Saturday haha!
So anyway, this is how I going to spend Earth Hour.
That day, I will be attending my sister's friend's wedding and on that night we will have candle light dinner and together we support Earth Hour!
I think this is a brilliant idea and it spreads to people that haven't heard about Earth Hour! From that day onwards, people will keep in mind that 28th March is Earth Hour!
More to say, my mum agreed to switch off the lights!
Other than that, today I saw our school are making a difference by asking people to sign in a banner to support Earth Hour and I've signed! Well, at lease they did something right? and I hope that they will keep their words.
Now, I'm still having this hard time doing and preparing my works. I'm going to be a dead meat. Haha.
Anyway, Jenette's family are all together now! Her brother and sister just came back from their work and they are just like having this family gathering. Well, I know it is odd that it has been a long time that I didn't see so many people in her house. Right Net?
Now I just received a news from my baby.
He told me that his new uni, Swinburne Sarawak is going to join Earth Hour too!
So I asked him to switch off his lights during that time but you know, he is staying with housemate and eh hem.. He said he only can switch off his room's lights. Lols.
You know what?
I am sleepy and tired now... Lols
Miss ya all!
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