Thursday, 21 February 2008


Came back on the 3rd February

Came home

It’s been like so long I left my home and now I’m back to KK for 3 months now.
These three months will not be my holidays but my industrial training. It was like OMG when thinking of the industrial training but talking about the industrial training, I’m actually looking forward to it. Wondering how people work in the sites, wearing that yellow safety helmet. LOL. Never wore that yet during in KL but just the goggle I wore.

It was Chinese New Year! Ahh… back to my Hubby. LOL. Miss him lots.

Oh yea!! Was going to talk about my flight that day when it landed.
All the way with Audrey and my cousin’s family in the plane, we talked, played, shout, blaa and blaa lots but there is one think just keep flashing in my mind.


I was thinking that when the time I get off the plane, will he be there other than my family and his family. (Although I knew my dad was the only one who’s going to pick me)

My heart was broken……..

Nope, he didn’t come to see me cause of his parents going to visit some relative in the hospital. So he can’t follow to the airport. Luckily he came to see me that night. If he were not come and see me, he will be in a huge problem.

The first word came out from him, I love you.
The second, without talking, is a Hug
The third, you thin already, the hand the leg, the face.
The forth, hurry unpack your things la I want to pak to with you la
The fifth, ….. LOL

Then the night was the first day,
We see each other over a year of different location.
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