Thursday, 21 February 2008


Fifteen days of Chinese New

1st Day of Chinese New Year

As the same as before,
Had our breakfast all together at the kitchen
Then heading to temple to bai bai..
After Bai bai went to Uncle's house to yum cha sit sit there and eat non stop.

(Tell you all.. i fat already because of this CNY thingy)

After that, we went home. SLEEP!
Cause 1st day of CNY is not our day.
Normally, 2nd of CNY my house will be very very very busy!

2nd day of Chinese New Year which mean 8th February

Many people come to house!
There are two special ones came to visit too
Two koreans ! Anyohaseayo~

Aldrich and I didn’t go out but his family came to my house and visit.
I was so nervous that time when I saw his dad driving the car in front and the car pass by my house, I was jumping here and there in my house and my sister saw it. LOL.
I hurry ask my parents to get ready this and that.

Aldrich’s parents didn’t know we are together
His siblings knew us. Weird right?
Audrey keep laugh me!!!! ><>
Aldrich and I was pretend to be didn’t know each other
My whole family was helping us too; to pretend we don’t know each other.
It’s hard you know?
Pretend you don’t know the person you love?

I keep use my finger to poke him when I pass his back when the time his parents didn’t see me or him. And I use my foot to step on his! Make him pain!

Talk, chat, tease, laugh, …

When they went off, He sms me and tell me that his parents like me and say that I am

Lil Naughty… *AHhhhh~~*

But it’s ok to say me that, cause I am. LOL
And at night he came over to my house again, to be his real him. OMG
Then I don’t care him.
I was playing my Audition that time together with his brothers. HAHA

His brother say ‘ He don’t know how to treat GF well.. so Dump him!’
Hhahahahaa.. can’t la.. I just love him. LOL

P/s: This time Aldrich didn't get his personnal ang pao from my Mummy~~ lolx

Other days?

Go to shop
Go to bank
Go to send order
Go to sleep
Go to eat
Go to Warisan Square
Go to Damai
Go eat Dumpling
many more~~~

but the most
Be with my Family
Be with my Him

My friends haven't find me yet..
But June, Beryl, Jackson, Caren does find me!
Thanks guys~!

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