Thursday, 21 February 2008


On Monday, 4th February

We decided to buy new phones together and his friend was joining us to buy the same model of phone too. So, all together we bought three cell phones. Two black phone and one white.

The black one is for Hubby and one for his friend, Steven.
The white one of course is for me.

I love the phone because it was like couple phone.
Thinking of it, it was kind of.. Sweet.
Then we have some walk in Centre Point together.
Me and Hubby,
Steven and his future wife.
They are going to register. So sweet. ^^

For the new phone, while I’m still in KL I bought something for our phones.
It was a phone cover and a cute lil Mickey and Minnie Mouse
So, each of our phones cover will be hanging the Mickey and Minnie.

Actually on that night, I sense something about being the bride’s maid thingy.
I’m thinking that I will not be the bride’s mate and it was true.
Only Hubby was the one who’s going to be Steven’s groom mate.
I’m sad cause can’t be with Hubby together to be their witness.
But it’s ok
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