Friday, 27 June 2008


Big Apple Donuts and Coffee

Yeah.. That's why we blog right?
Every hour, every minutes, or every seconds of us, we will find somethings to blog. Snap pictures in our surrounding area, about what we do.

That day went to Big Apple Donuts and Coffee.
Went there and find Jenette's friend to reinstall The Sims 2.
Picture Below: The Sause - Green tea and Chocolate

Picture Below: Sause- White Chocolate, Chocolate and Coffee

Picture Below: Me eating the Almond Donut. Tasty!

Picture Below: Jenette and Her Friend

Picture Below: Caramel Latte

Picture Below: Me.

What you wanna eat, Just go for it!
Enjoy your life and treat yourself good!
Fill your tummy up, up, up!
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