Wednesday, 12 January 2011


What healthy means to you?

Well, I just go through with a health test created by Nestle. Click here
For me, I think it is really good to get concern on our health for our future. Health is important.

Take less fast food, drink more water.
Like what I do always, yogurt and walking are my important sources to be healthy!
Never be afraid to eat healthy because health foods are not boring. Just that you need to make your meals interesting! I do put strawberries on my bread (cut it to love shapes) just to feel delighted! Or even for my yogurt, I do put raisins. It’s healthy!

As I was doing the test, some of the questions really under my expectation and somehow I’m happy that I am good in health!

Maybe you should try to take the test as well.
See my result! Haha!

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