Saturday, 19 September 2009


Bad days go away! I hate you bad days!

I’m feeling so bad these days.
Trying to get over it but I just can’t.
Keep on thinking why I can’t do this and that.
What is the point for not giving and sharing?

I’m sorry to say this but I think it’s really unfair for me.

You don’t even understand the situation.
More, if you have no time for me then why you wanted to waste your time?
Yet you get angry for nothing since you have second and third choice but you don’t want to use it well.
Just like you willing but you complaint.

I am not like the others who go anywhere and elsewhere which is improper.
For me, I am a person who also has friends.
To tell the truth, my friends are innocent and it is good to keep us in contact.
That is why we need friends and you knew that as you also have friends!
Or else, the only way I can share my feelings is here, internet, Blog, and Facebook.

Willing to stay most days yet I still can’t go out.
Without a reason but receive a grumpy face.
Can I know why?

I don’t want to fight or speak out because I don’t want to give you a bad impression.
Just shut my mouth not to make it worst.
But human have human rights.
I am human.

Sometimes I realize or think.
When I typed ‘haha’ it’s like just typing that ‘haha’.
Am I really mean that 'haha' while I am typing it?
You guys understand what I mean?
I’m not truly happy.

Deeply, I just don't get it.
I'm hurt
...God, please show me...
The light. The path. Your way.
Lead me
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