Friday, 18 September 2009


Adrian’s Birthday

He is Adrian.
Actually his birthday is on the 19th of September…

Well, cute huh?
Girls wanna know him contact me ya? Lols

To celebrate his birthday really really hard. I mean, I can’t drive you see.
Then during this night, I followed my sister’s car to reach church. Followed by their mom to fetch us from church to Burger King because they are hungry and we wanted to wait for 12am but their mom is not joining of course, it’s late. Then, after 12am, my sister fetch us and sent them home first then we went home after that. Complicated huh?

So, to find his birthday present… It’s during afternoon after class.
Thanks Jenette for bringing me there hiak hiak hiak~ and she bought a sandals as well!
Nice~ Beach girl!

I bought a big pencil case-bag-look-alike-thingy to him.
It’s from Quicksilver. Nice!
He love green and it’s obvious that he love green.
But at first, I was thinking to buy him a T shirt from Quicksilver but I can’t think of his actual size. Whether is S or M because he’s growing up tough! Haha! Then, when I walk further in to Quicksilver, there you go... shinning at there in front of my eyes. *shing shing*

I look at it, I think of “Does Adrian have this kind of things?”
Think further… “What kind of pencil box Adrian use… *Flash back to the time when Adrich and I fetch him after tuition…*

So, I decided to purchase it and there you go!
Surprise for him and YES!! He loves the present!
Say “Thank you Dai Sou!” :P

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