Thursday, 17 September 2009


Feeling differently.. sad and lonely.

I had been thinking lots since morning but still I don't know what I am thinking about.
Perhaps my life is getting more and more complicated or just I'm going to be 21 this December and my mind spinning around like a spinning wheel. Just maybe.

Finally I think I manage to set a time for blogging. Guess what?
I think I can spend sometime add new post when I came back home. Right? Afterward, I can do other things.

Anyway, I felt.. lonely today.
This is what I posted in my Facebook.
"I don't know why I have this feelings of boredom, loneliness, and stress."
Yeah.. I don't know why I felt that and lucky I have some friends who reply back to me and I know you guys out there also will do the same thing. That's why I love blogging atmosphere! Who knows after I clicked 'Publish Post', my day will be lighten up?

Hmm... What else I wanted to share now?
Oh ya! Today's Financial Control subject makes me felt out from the box for that two hours. Actually first 15minutes I still felt the same which is a little down. I told Jenette about how I felt too and during my lunch with the girls I felt the same way too. Don't know what's on my mind actually and I'm still blank of what's happening to me.

Financial Control is all about calculation and calculation makes me happy. I love to calculate things. All kinds of things. From 1.15pm to 3pm, at least I felt happy and do a little brain storm to let go of that feelings. More to say, I did fight with my lecturer but its not a real fight anyway. Just to get things clear because he said I counted wrongly but I know what I am doing. So, both of us discuss slightly a little high in volume and the rest of the classmates was shocked I guess. I don't think my lecturer mind because if we think in the other way round, it's good to have a student who know what they are doing so the lecturer can understand of his or her students.

Guess this is it.
Wait for another post?
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