Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Jackson is back!

Well, this is not the actual date that he came back to Kota Kinabalu.
It’s just today that I can go out and skip my school stuffs and hang out with my dear.

Came back from London and he changed.

We went to Yogur Berry at Warisan Square. We shared one Frozen Yogurt large and we did some… observation of lots of things. People, guys, ladies, shops, group of Caucasian and more.

After that, we were thinking of going to somewhere else.
Only that we decided to have a walk at Sutera Habour Resort.
We talked for long and we did something that we did a year ago before he left Kota Kinabalu.

Part of my wishes came true. I told him.

Before that, when we are on our way to the resort,
It’s before making decision to go there actually.
Jackson said that he found out a forum saying that Kota Kinabalu citizens love to go resorts and spend their time just for walking and chit chatting which is true because we are going there as well.

Picture Below: Yogur Berry at Warisan Square
Picture Below: Our Pictures~

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