Friday, 1 August 2008


ooVoo with my Dears!

ooVoo is a Program that Jackson gave me before he fly to London.

Really useful! You all should use it.
It can actually fit in.. 6 person in one conversation and not just hearing voices but video call.

Yups.. I did the first ooVoo talk with Jackson and I ask my former housemates which is my dearzzzz to download it ! haha

See our lovely pictures!

First let's see Jackson
Is a good timing that my dear Caren was with me!
haha.. So it just like reunion~!
Kuala Lumpur - London - Sabah

Now here's my housemate
Kuala Lumpur - UK - Sabah
Erin, Audrey, Avy and Chloe

Left Charlene didn't join us.
Gonna ask her to download it!
P.s: I love the last Picture!!

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