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Pastor Jay Koopman

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Picture Below: Pastor Jay Koopman

Last Saturday, there's a seminar in Glory Christian Church, Damai, Luyang, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Pastor Jay Koopman from New York City (NYC) came that day and talked about what he had been through since his childhood life.

He grew up in a troubled home.

When he was 12 years old, he became addicted to drugs and selling drugs because of his troubled family. He was sent to the orphanage but kicked out when he was 14 because they found drugs with him. So he shifted back to the other family members which influence him more into the drug world. When he was 17, he was busted in a drive-by shooting and was arrested.

On that time, he thought that everyone had given up on him but one of his aunt who is a Christian showed him love that no any other Christians had shown him. When he was a child, a kid from a Christian family been told by his parents not to be friend with Jay. That was not suppose to be, right? People should give a hand to the others for those who need help. That time in the seminar he said,
" I will never be a Christian like that. "

So she ask Jay to go for Christian Programme and they went to the courtroom. When the judge ask for "Who will speak for this young man?" His aunt stood up and told them about Jesus Christ and what He could do for Jay.

Miracle happened!

The Judge actually allowed Jay to go to the Christian Program and he gave his life to Jesus. From that onwards, people had accepted him and through his transformation, Jay and others was able to help his troubled family to Christ. *Claps*

There are too much to say but you can search in this website for other information.

In the seminar, he was telling us about the Burning Bush that attracted Moses (EXODUS 3:1).

"We have to be holy"
"I was a son of King of King"
"I did not chose God, He chose me"
"I got joy from my Father", said Jay Koopman.

People who had lost the fire in their heart and this is how they need to keep the fire of God.

The first thing that the Bush showed is,
You have to know that U've been Chosen by God.
No matter what happened in your life, you had been chosen by God to do something great and mighty works for the Lord. You don't lose the Fire but keep the fire.

The second thing we see in this Bush,
Is that Moses see the Bush on fire.
It was a Great sight, inside and out, an amazingly sight.
This bush captured Moses attention and it is a beautiful sight.

The third thing is to walk in Holiness.
The Bush is in the Holy ground.
Without holiness no one would see the Lord.
If a Holy God can give a hand on a Holy generation, that generation will no matter will see revival.

The forth things we see in this Bush,
Is we have to carry the Words of God.
You have to start reading the Bible and pray everyday.
If you don't enjoy prayer, then you will not be able to keep the fire.

This Bush not only have the word but this bush spoke the word and this is the missing link of the church today.

There are four things but most of the people do 1, 2 and 3 of them.
1. Pray
2. Read Bible
3. Go to Church
4. Share your Faith

Jay focuses in the forth one which is Share Your Faith.
You have to have an outlet to share your faith.
This Bush not only have the word but it delivered to word.
When you share your faith, even though it changes others life, the biggest life that it changes is changes Your life.

We have to start telling people about Jesus.
All above are told by Jay.

Now, I had recorded of what he had said that night in the seminar. Can't believe I actually left my phone on my seat and I went out there until we finished the song. The thing is that I was thinking about upload it here but should I? Because some of the things he said about his family, it's kind of hurt and don't know will he mind.
When I heard his testimony, I really can't imagine his life.

So tell me if you want me to upload.
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